Valmy : A wonderful experience to introduce DNA, the bronze sculpture

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The bronze sculpture DNA on display at the International Art Salon at Valmy :

sclupture-bronze-adn-main-ouverteIt’s the first time I participated in an artistic exhibition of painting and sculpture and it was a way to expose DNA to a public, it is the interaction between the artist and the public that is interesting and gives it a reason for existing. However the heavy matter that is the bronze (140 kilos) and the size of DNA (2,20m ) was not easy to move in order to present it to gallery owners and despite how good the photos are, it’s difficult to capture the scale of the monumental piece.

There are fortunate coincidences to which I am very aware :

valmy-sclupture-petit-journal - 2When I made the patina for DNA at the foundry at Barbéri, Mrs Perris supporter of ARG came to visit the foundry and suggested I send an application to participate at the Valmy show, which I did without knowing where I was going to end up if I were selected, because I never had taken part in any show before.I was selected and so I made plans to put DNA at Valmy and participate in the opening of the 20th International show of Valmy. There I discovered a very valuable place, a very professional and encouraging team, talented artists, in particular a painter by the name of PL, the founder of the show Mme Raymonde Bruno, fascinated by art and friend of artists who with her charisma highlighted all her pugnacity to give birth to this show. I was delighted, I left DNA in good hands and to a public of 6000 people until the closing date 3 weeks later.

The bronze sculpture in public :


valmy-journal-independant - 2Mme Amichaud, current president of the ARG reports to me regularly about DNA’s success with the public, adults, children, amateurs and professionals.
On October 5th, the day I received the prize of the jury I was delighted to have lived this experience and to have trusted faith and chance (which I symbolized in DNA by the hand in the center which clings by the little finger). A door has opened, maybe a path towards new horizons but only the future will tell……

Presentation of the bronze sculpture DNA :


I invite you to discover DNA sculpture en bronze d’ADN, the bronze sculpture as well as my other creations by consulting the bronze sculpture section.